Pilates Physio Wood Reformer

Made of rock maple, incredibly adaptable and durable, exceptional versatility to accommodate a range of body heights, sizes and abilities. Superior construction for maximum safety and durability. A whisper-smooth patented rolling mechanism to ensure precise and safe operation.

This reformer is estimated to ship within 6 weeks, and you will receive an email confirmation at time of shipment.


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  • One pair of quick-release, adjustable and removable shoulder rests.
  • Soundless sliding system, due to 8 PU wheels arranged in vertical and horizontal positions. Precision bearings.
  • Padded headrest provides 3 positions: 2 above carriage and 1 level with carriage.
  • Ropes adjustable with snap included.
  • Springs: 2 yellow (light), 2 green (medium) and 1 red (heavy).
  • Loop/handles: foam handles (1 pair). Double feet and hand loops (1 pair).
  • Pulleys (1 pair).
  • Built-in standing platform with non-slip surface for safety.
  • Includes the jump board and box.
ELN 100003

Data sheet

27.2 in | 69 cm
92.13 in | 234 cm
Height of the bed
18.90 in | 48 cm


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