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Can pilates help to prevent injuries?

Can pilates help to prevent injuries?

Most sports activities involve repetitive movements, which can put strain on the areas involved – particularly if poor posture has been adopted. And this is where pilates comes in.

“Rehab pilates instructors are experts in movement analysis. Whether it is your running or walking gait, your swimming stroke or your golf swing, the pilates approach can identify areas of muscle imbalance which, over time could lead to injury,” says Ruth Smith, Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Head of ilates at Pure Sports Medicine.

“Many of the injuries we see in the clinic are from overloading certain areas of the body with repetitive movements where even the smallest altered movement patterns have the potential to cause pain,” she adds. “Training these smaller, deeper-control muscles increases the effectiveness of the larger-movement muscles, increasing overall strength, sports performance and resilience to injury.”