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Miley Cyrus’ Flat Stomach Secret

Miley Cyrus’ Flat Stomach Secret

How does Miley Cyrus look so good? Her abs always look fantastic! Ok, she’s 25. But aside from that she puts in the work! Cyrus has been training with Pilates guru Mari Winsor five to six days a week to tone the young actresses body, improve her posture, and of course, sculpt great abs. 

Cyrus’ favorite moves always involve Pilates equipment but she also loves the hundred, double leg stretch, and criss-cross, which can all be done with just a mat. Footwork on the reformer is one move Cyrus relies on to lengthen and tone her legs.

Aside from Pilates, Cyrus likes to run and maintains an active lifestyle (check out this pic of her putting the pedal to the metal). The young actress is also gluten-intolerant so her nutritionist keeps both gluten and dairy out of her diet to keep those abs looking good!