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Pilates is NFL Players’ Key to Success

Pilates is NFL Players’ Key to Success

Two examples of NFL stars who use Pilates as their key’s to success on the field include wide receivers Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins.

Antonio Brown uses slow, controlled Pilates movements to train his muscles for the hard cuts, twists and turns on the the field.

Jarvis Landry has quickly become a receiving threat for the Miami Dolphins. During his rookie season, the LSU product racked up 84 receptions and 5 touchdowns, making opposing defenses take note of his sure hands across the middle.

“I’m working on a lot of things, but mostly speed,” said Landry. “I recently started doing Pilates, which made my body feel way better. It’s improving things that might not have been perfect before, like glute activation. That, along with the work I’ve done here in Fort Lauderdale at Pete Bommarito’s facility, has helped me attain a new level of speed and explosiveness at OTA’s, which was recognized by my coaches and teammates.”