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How Madonna Stays In Shape?

How Madonna Stays In Shape?

How does Madonna has the time with constant touring, 3 children, and charity work?

Much of her fitness is done in the form of cardio, and more specifically, dancing. If you've ever been to one of her concerts, you'll see that she's more limber, suave and flexible, than most of the dancers half her age. Madonna is very holistic in her approach to health and wellness.

Madonna has religiously followed the "Tracy Anderson Method", a Pilates-style exercise regime which Anderson is now marketing worldwide; the first Tracy Anderson Method Studio is in New York's Tribeca.

The Method, she claims, will ensure that Madonna can continue looking the way she does now for the next 50 years. "The reason why I am successful in what I do is that my mission has always been the same: I want anyone up to 100 years old to be able to have the best body ever - against ageing, against genetics." This is Anderson's mantra: everyone can fight genetics and have what she calls a "teeny tiny dancer's body".

She has invented an exercise contraption called the "hybrid body reformer", her own version of a Pilates machine, which Madonna has installed in her London home.