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Reducing the frequency and severity of injuries

Reducing the frequency and severity of injuries

By addressing postural issues through Pilates, athletes can avoid many common injuries.

Instability through the pelvis is a common cause of lower back pain. The cause is often postural; an anterior pelvic tilt (in plain English, a tendency to stick the bum out), which is often caused by tight hip flexors. This in turn shortens the lower back muscles and brings the hamstrings into a stretched position, leaving both vulnerable to injuries. Pilates is excellent for releasing the hip flexors, which will help bring the hips in to a more neutral position, and reduce strain through the back and hamstrings.

Pilates will not only strengthen the muscles around the hips, but progresses into more ‘functional’ exercises. This helps train the muscles to work more efficiently and effectively throughout a range of movements that replicate some of the actions and stresses common to many sports, for example lunges, squats and lateral movements.

Addressing these points can significantly reduce the prevalence of injury, both chronic and impact-related.