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Get a six-pack with Pilates

Get a six-pack with Pilates

Do this Pilates workout and not only will you develop hard, well-defined abs, you'll be able to lift heavier weights too.

We know that the mention of a Pilates workout would make many men recoil in horror. After all, it’s for lightweight lady celebs and men who babble on about their ‘aura’, isn’t it? 

That may be the stereotype, but adding some Pilates-style training to your workouts could see you getting fewer injuries and lifting more weight. In anticipation of some fierce scepticism, here are the usual excuses for giving it a miss, and why they just don’t cut it:

Doing Pilates won’t make me bigger and stronger

You could not be more wrong. Pilates will give you a cast-iron core and, according to co-founder of TenPilates David Higgins, ‘studies have shown that if you’re strong in your core, you can lift significantly more weight in big exercises.’

Doing weight-free workouts is too easy

Prepare to be humbled. ‘These are deceptively difficult moves,’ says Higgins. ‘You don’t need to use heavy weights to challenge your stability muscles. If you over-challenge them, your global (larger) muscles will try to take over, so you’ll do the movement incorrectly.’

You wouldn’t catch a real man doing Pilates

Tell that to England rugby union star Ugo Monye, who used the method to get over a crippling back injury. ‘A lot of athletes and rugby players are doing Pilates for prehab (preventative exercises, as opposed to rehab work after an injury),’ says Higgins. ‘If your body is functioning correctly then you’re stronger when an external force, such as a tackle, is exerted. You’ll be able to maintain balance better and less likely to get injured.’

We could keep this up all day but we figure you've probably got the idea and have come over to our side of the table. So now that you've accepted that Pilates is going to make a big difference to your fitness, get stuck into the workout on the right. 


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